Now that I’ve gotten back on track with practicing tai chi, I notice my life has stabilized in many ways I had forgotten about. I have no time to update my blog!

One of my side projects which has recently returned to center stage is creating a MCI-style Chinese Textbook based on my experiences teaching English in China and Taiwan.

I am currently in the final stages of selecting a core vocabulary. When I’m done, this will probably be the only MCI-style Chinese textbook in the world. Now, it’s too bad that the demand for Chinese instructional materials isn’t higher than it is, or it might actually be worth it to publish something like this 🙂

I may post a free online version later.

In other news, the Chi FAQ has garnered significant comments in the rec.martial-arts newsgroup. Of course there are the same tired old hacks attacking everything a traditionalist says, but many people have given me new ideas and I have a handful of private submissions to put in. However, as I am working on my MCI book, I will delay updating the Chi FAQ for a while. You can look forward to an updated Chi FAQ and an early release of the MCI book around Christmas 2007. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.


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