Kongzi Beta Screenshot 1Kongzi Beta Screenshot 4Kongzi Beta Screenshot 2Kongzi Beta Screenshot 3Kongzi Beta Screenshot 5Kongzi - 3sec build time

For an exciting taste of a new program I’m working on, check out the images above. The program’s name is Kongzi, and all basic features (load, save, add, edit, quiz, stat recording) are finished. I am beginning to devote my time to increase the default dictionary that will come with Kongzi, and to add cool stuff like a “idiom of the day” or something. Although of course the program is already mature enough to let you create your own custom dictionaries should you want to. And you probably will if you’re a student in a Language course – you’d want to create your own lessons/units, and you can. Kongzi already handles Chinese, Japanese, and Korean – in fact, you can use it to drill any language you have a font for.

The program is 3000 SLOC in size. This seems rather large to me considering NetWhack is just a little larger but took a LOT longer to write. Chalk it up to Java’s hardball approach to GUI layout and design. So far Kongzi has taken me only a week to write, which did suprise me given it’s size – that’s a productive 400 SLOC a day, which I guess you could say I’m proud of. Also, my box builds it in only 3 seconds which I think is pretty cool.

In other news… Well, I think the time has come for me to stop blogging about Martial Arts. I don’t have very many more interesting things I care to share, quite frankly. I’ll still participate in discussions on other forums or do the odd book review, if I feel I have something positive to contribute. In the meantime this blog will head in other directions. I’m re-focusing on that MCI Chinese Textbook I talked about earlier on, and perhaps the Chi FAQ – I also should probably update the Lineage Project to be at least where it was way back in the ninties (I lost my backups).

Good luck and let me know what you think of my new program!


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