Kongzi’s Calligraphy

It would appear that my quest for an Icon is now over.

Han icon image in png form

I couldn’t believe my luck – as it turns out someone I’ve known for years is not only a well-known Chinese Painter, but a Calligrapher as well. The subject turned to Calligraphy and learning Chinese. I mentioned my program and he offered to write a few words for me to help my program and to help people learn Chinese. I mean how cool is that? Here’s how I’m planning on using the above work:


This word is “han”, with a falling tone. It means writing brush, or writing, in a literary sense. I think it’s a clever play on words – “hanlin” (writing brush forest) was the name of the Imperial Academy of Scholars in “Ancient” China. So you have a sense of being a part of this great literary tradition, in Chinese. What a great concept for this program. Now all we need is a few ants to help teach us Chinese and we’ll be golden 😉

Needless to say the reference fits well with the name of the program, “Kongzi” (Confucious). Oh and speaking of Confucious, here’s another sample of the Calligraphy:

Kongzi Beta-4 About Box

I plan to add more to the program before release. But hey, isn’t it beautiful? I think so.

Would you like custom calligraphy done? I can have it arranged. Send me a comment on this blog, or an email. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


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