Kongzi on Hold, MCI textbook scrapped

Well, I’m scrapping the MCI Chinese textbook. The reason why is because I discovered LIVE Interactive Chinese Magazine. LIVE is basically exactly what I wanted my MCI textbook to be, minus a proper textbook introduction to the language.

Since anyone interested in learning Chinese will probably pick up a few hundred words on their own, LIVE completely serves the niche I wanted to fill with my textbook. So thats been placed far far back on the back burner.

Kongzi. Well, I’ve had a lot of good feedback so far, and I now have “too many” beta testers 😉

I am currently experiencing a higher workload at my job, and I no longer have that extra 2 or 3 hours a day to both work on kongzi AND play all my videogames. Plus I love playing with my son too. Yes, it’s an excuse, but a damn good one 🙂 I likely won’t feel like working on Kongzi until at least march, and likely not until June since I am going to visit my family around that time and when I get back I’ll have a pretty clean slate project-wise, so working on kongzi should be a priority. Thing is, because of work I don’t have much time because I’m also training tai chi. :/ My spare time is mostly taken up by videogames. And by that time I’ll be on GTA4 for sure, and I don’t know when I’ll come down from that one. I’m still kinda playing GTA3: San Andreas again because I keep thinking about GTA4.

I probably shouldn’t be so lazy about Kongzi. Well, Golden Week is over now so maybe I’ll take another look at it this week. Funny thing, when I’m vegging out I don’t feel like doing anything at all, when I’m actually working on the thing I can’t stop coding

Ok. I *promise* i’ll flip a coin about clicking on netbeans.. tomorrow 🙂


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