Modifying Selection Properties of a JTree, JList or JTable

I like to write programs for those times that I come up with something elegant. What I really mean by that is when I learn something I didn’t really know before. Here’s today’s challenge:

You have a very long JTree, and a need to select several things in that JTree (This could be a JTable, JList, etc.). The idea here is that if you make a mistake and click on something you will erase all your previous selections. So, you want to change the default behavior of click-select.

The why is simple: it’s a royal pain to remember to hold down the control key. Plus being as paranoid as I am about data entry I would constantly scroll up and down the list before clicking accept – just to make sure everything I needed was properly selected.

I kept telling myself how nice it would be to just click to toggle the selected status instead of having to control-click. To have toggling as the default behavior.

There are a few ways to do this, but the best way I could come up with was to handle the mouse click itself. JTree, JList, and JTable all have methods for determining which item is being clicked based on the getX() and getY() methods from the mouse event. So I declared a mouse click handler for my JTree (list, whatever). This is what it looks like:

private void specialClickSelectionHandler(java.awt.event.MouseEvent evt)
if((evt.getButton() == evt.BUTTON2) || evt.getButton() == evt.BUTTON3)
TreePath tmp = tagview.getClosestPathForLocation(evt.getX(), evt.getY());
if (tagview.isPathSelected(tmp))
} // if it's currently selected
} // if it's a mouse2 or mouse3 event.


Now, when the user right clicks, it will toggle the selection.

Digging around I found some similar code for tables and lists on Sun’s Swing Archive, but keep in mind the code there uses isPopupTrigger(), and therefore needs to be modified for cross-platform use (since isPopupTrigger() works differently on different systems – see javadoc).

You could also use this technique to change the default action of the left mouse button, which might be a better idea. I don’t want any chance of mistakenly pressing left click and accidentally removing selections off-screen where I won’t see them dissapear. Well, there’s one headache gone. Now I can relax a bit more while entering the thousands of Chinese words I need into my database 🙂


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