Using Styled Documents

A few beta testers reported back that on their netbooks’ small, high resolution screen, the HTML-limited size of the Chinese Characters was too small. So I redid it using styled documents.

Notice anything different?


It’s pretty much the same, except now you can blow the Chinese character up as much as you like.

Perfect for Netbooks! This was definately a step I needed to take in order to move towards Kongzi on portable devices.

One of the next big goals for Kongzi is adding a Speech module (i.e. press F1 to hear the Chinese). Associated with this will be a new “listen and type” style of quiz, “listen mode” for multiple choice, etc.

Development is proceeding extremely rapidly. I’m working on some UI issues now, making it better. Kongzi is becoming more and more robust. I currently am using it to teach myself but entering characters is slow-going, there are only 250 words in the dictionary now.

I have a really good feeling about Kongzi these days. I think it’s going to be a success!


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