it’s alive!

Kongzi is working.

I have made a dozen or more small changes, mainly adding some great new features in the last month. But the important thing is, it’s working. I have 40 teaching hours a week now, and I use Kongzi in the classroom to teach English. The students LOVE it. And the schools LOVE the fact that I can give audiovisual teaching. Time to ask for a raise? Maybe 😉

The downside to all this is that I don’t have time to really work on the program. I still haven’t finished the memory game or the new idea I had, the unscrambling game. But other than that the program is very mature now. As I continue to use it over the next months, it’s my hope that weekend here weekend there I can finish it off and then step 3: profit.

I know I’ve been rambling about releasing this program for years but perhaps I lacked confidence in the code. Now that I know it works, and works extremely well, I will have a selling point to work from.

Actually the way these things work there would probably be more money in selling it as a tool to teach English. But hey, either way, it works like a charm 🙂 I hope I can find the time to finish it soon. Please leave supporting comments maybe I just need a pep talk to hunker down and start coding again. Right now I just feel tired.