One step at a time..

An old draft from September 2009…

In just a few short days I seem to have come far enough that I am regaining my confidence working on this project.

I’ve re-integrated all the old logic back into the forms and re-created the “kong” and “ze” graphics from the calligraphy work I had done before. I’ve also identified several key areas which could be improved. For example, Beta-3 had a selective export feature. I asked myself, why was this necessary? If someone wanted to selectively export something they could just delete the stuff they didn’t want and then save it. So, this seems to make more sense, just save everything at once.

I also found and fixed a bug in my unicode encoder-decoder ring. Additionally I’ve completed the new export dialog design and as soon as I hook it up I can delete the old code for exporting tags and what not.

There’s just one problem. I don’t know what look and feel I was using. You can see a blue tint on the screenshots. I like that. And I can’t remember what I was doing. Ungh. I’ll figure it out later. Top priority is getting the anki/stackz-style flashcards up and running.

One step at a time… I’ve been reminded why I’ve been so successful with Kongzi so far. One step at a time, keep chewing away…


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