MCI Japanese

Welcome to Japanese!

“Welcome to Japanese” is my attempt to use comprehensible input theory to teach myself Japanese. It works with Kongzi (the langauge learning sofware I am developing) and is in a similar vein to “MCI Chinese”.

However, “Welcome to Japanese” has a completely different feel and style from “Welcome to Chinese”. This is mainly due to the difference in language targets. While “MCI Chinese” uses custom targets created through private research (done for the sole purpose of writing the book in the first place), “Welcome to Japanese” targets the JLPT series of tests. It goes without saying then that “Welcome to Japanese” was a lot easier to write for me. In fact it’s finished and as of March 2012 it is in the proofreading stage.

After it’s proofread it will be integrated into the Kongzi software and made available as a companion Paperback or e-book (or for independent sale). The target release date will be in June, 2012. Until that time you may wish to check out some of my previous blog posts which discuss MCI Japanese.

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